My reconstruction was great to begin with, but then I had to have radiotherapy and that made it shrink. To start with I used an impressions partial which was fantastic! I loved it as it felt so natural and breathed!

Unfortunately as time has gone on, again as a result of further post radiotherapy shrinkage and also some weight gain, the asymmetry has increased so I have now switched to a Trulife Triangular Partial. I feel confident wearing it and it means no one can see me looking “wonky”!

Helen Lewis Impressions & Partials

You may like to hear how much your prosthesis has changed how I feel, physically and psychologically.

You came with such a good range of products and sizes that it was easy to find something that really suited me. The difference between your prosthesis and one that I had been supplied with at the hospital is like chalk and cheese! The one I had caused me so much discomfort after a couple of days I found I was unable to keep wearing it. And that led to me feeling less able to meet members of my family and friends. But the Impressions prosthesis is so light and comfortable I can just wear it and wear it. And the bra you gave me is also the best I have found. It fits so well and is really comfortable. I can’t thank you enough.

Revd. Lizzie HopthrowImpressions